Friday, January 25, 2013

Added AZZ

I added AZZ with the proceeds from trimming SSYS, DDD and selling FARO. I'm also keeping a close eye on OSIS (my #1 stock pick for the year...whoops) which is down big after revenues came in light and they guided to the low end for next quarter.

AZZ has solid growth potential with EPS and Sales growth expected to be over 25% in the upcoming quarters. It currently trades at an FPE of 15 and is making all time highs after basing after earnings.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Trimmed DDD and SSYS

I took 1/3 off of DDD and SSYS each today as earnings are approaching and the stocks are quite extended. I will take a little more off before earnings and then look to add it back if the stocks base and breakout again. With the proceeds I am planning to play the breakout in AIG above $36.25 and AZZ above $42.

$FARO out

Sold all $FARO, too many good stocks running to own this weakling.

Added to $SODA

I purchased more $SODA on the breakout of $50. With 40% short float and solid fundamentals I think this stock can explode back to all time highs of $80. The portfolio is now 100% invested but I'm looking to sell FARO on further weakness and trim about 33% each from SSYS and DDD before earnings.

Current Portfolio

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Switched BWLD for PRLB

I sold out of BWLD on the weak earnings on other restaurants which caused the stock to break back beneath its 50 day, and reallocated the funds into PRLB on the breakout over $40. Currently the portfolio is 24% cash as I wait to add to OPEN on a move above $55 and SODA above $50.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mixing Drinks with SODA

I just put some of the proceeds from the AIG and ACI sells to work in SODA at $49 and will add on above $50 (stops beneath $45). I love potential for this move because the stock seems undervalued with a PEG of .8 and it has a short float of 40%. The reason for this is that no one understands the story, which is not making sodas for kids, its making mixed drinks for adults. This Christmas several of my friends requested Sodastream for one reason, vodka mixed drinks. With over 60 flavors, every hipster and wannabe mixologist has to have one of these for entertaining. I think we are starting to see investors recognize this demand which will  squeeze shorts for the next 43 days until earnings on Feb 27. If earnings are what I believe they could be, this stock could be back at all time highs ($80) before the end of the 2nd quarter.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sold 1/2 of AIG

Sold half of AIG position as it failed to hold breakout of 36.00. Kept half because AIG is still above 50 and 200 moving average, will look to add on break and base above 36.00. Will sell the entire position on break and consolidation below 32.50.